Zeus Class
Category: Space Fortress
Expected Duration: 100 Years
Time Between Resupply: 25 Years
Time Between Refit: 50 Years
Officers: 5205
Enlisted Personnel: 75000
Marines: 2300
Passengers: 200000
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: N/A
Cruising Velocity: N/A
Maximum Velocity: N/A
Jump Capacity: N/A
Length: 12935 Meters
Width: 853 Meters
Height: 176 Meters
Decks: 32 Decks

The Zeus-class is a class of Space Fortress in service in the Colonial Fleet.


Auxiliary CraftEdit

  • Landing Area: 15
  • Raptor: 150
  • Fighters: 300


Main batteries Edit

Main article: Battery

The Zeus-Class Base is armed with three large gun turrets, that are located on three towers in the along the lenght of the base.

These are the main offensive weapon of the base, but are also used to lay down defensive fire against incoming enemy ordnance and fighters.

Point defense guns Edit

The base is equipped with numerous point defense guns located along the entire sides of the flight pods in twin mountings. The base has 550 of this guns.

The entire system is tasked with destroying incoming projectiles. Sensors and expert systems identify and evaluate threats, assigning priorities to them based on data like distance and projected trajectory, while at the same time laying the cannon; this and firing are all done too quickly for a human crew to match.

Although the main batteries are also used to engage incoming fighters and missiles, the point defense guns have a much higher rate of fire, thus making them more effective in that role. Both the point defense and main guns can work in tandem during combat to create a flak field around the base, in addition to targeting incoming enemy munitions over significant distance. Automatic IFF targeting systems, pre-planned firing solutions and corridors presumably allow Vipers to safely launch through such a bombardment.

Missiles Edit

Nuclear weapons Edit


Deck ListingEdit

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