Valiant Class
Category: Firestar
Expected Duration: 50 Years
Time Between Resupply: 2 Years
Time Between Refit: 15 Years
Officers: 200
Enlisted Personnel: 600
Marines: 40
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 2500
Cruising Velocity: .75c Sublight
Maximum Velocity: .9c Sublight (for 12 hours)
Jump Capacity: Yes - FTL
Length: 1050 Metres
Width: 300 Metres
Height: 99 Metres
Decks: 20

The Valiant-class is a class of Firestar in service in the Colonial Fleet.


The Firestar's primary role is Heavy Combat Support. Built for the specific purpose of augmenting a Battlestar's already significant firepower, she can throw almost as much primary firepower with her kinetic weapons as a modern Battlestar and can probably overpower an older Battlestar class. Her superior armour means that she is capable of standing toe to toe with a Cylon Baseship, confident that she can win any one on one engagement. Her fewer secondary weapons means that she is vulnerable to Cylon raiders so can't stray too far away from the support of Vipers flying CAP.

Auxiliary CraftEdit

Flight Bays: 2


Raptor Mark I - 6


Defensive SystemsEdit

Class B Reactive Hull Armour Plating
Command Navigation Program
Decoy Drones
ECM Systems

Kinetic BatteriesEdit

Heavy Batteries - 20
Light Twin-Turrets - 85

Missile LaunchersEdit

Nuclear Missile Launchers
Tactical Nuclear Missiles - 5
Standard Missile Launchers - 6
Hunter Class Missiles - 1000
Class D Heavy Warhead - 30


Deck ListingEdit

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