Omega Group Wiki

Series: Battlestar

Classes: Columbia, Mercury, Valkyrie

Mission: To Protect the 12 Colonies using Raptors to collect data and intelligence on enemy movements or activities, and action on that information using its fighters and heavy antiship guns to engage the enemy.


Mercury Class Battlestar:

Maximum Length:2628m

Maximum Width: 975m

Maximum Height: 305m

Operating Crew: 2800 Enlisted:2100 Officers:210 NCOs:450

Marines: 140

Enlisted: 120

Officers: 3

NCOs: 17

Total Personnel: 2940


Guns: Heavy Batteries:40 Ammuntion types: Armor Piercing, Flak, Explosive

Light Batteries:756 Ammunition Types: Armor Piercing Explosive Tracer

Missile Launchers: 50

Missiles: 5400

Anti Ship: 300

Anti Fighter: 5000

Nuclear: 50 Tactical, 50 Strategic

Air Group: Vipers (Mk VII): 132 in 4 squadrons

Raptors (Mk I): 20

Shuttles: Varies, but 12 is considered standard.