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Squadron Leaders are Viper Pilots in command of a squadron. The squadrons can contain both Viper and Raptor pilots, which comprise its air wing, the sum of all Viper squadrons, Raptors and support ships assigned to a battlestar or other Colonial ship.

Squadrons are purely organizational in nature and probably also a matter of generating esprit de corps (positive morale) in a group of pilots. In combat, Viper squadrons are color-coded (for example, Blue Squadron and Red Squadron). Since these designations are used for different units at various points, they are simply wireless code names that are assigned on an ad-hoc basis as needed for each mission. The squadrons themselves have less simple names, which usually have some meaning to them.

Squadron Leaders typically lead Combat Air Patrols during war time.

Colonial-class Battlestars normally operate four squadrons with 10 to 16 pilots each. Each squadron has a mix of Viper and Raptor pilots.

Omega Group Air Group Simming Positions
Air Wing Executive Officer Commander Air Group Electronic Countermeasures Officer Raptor Pilot Squadron Leader Viper Pilot
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