ResurrectionShip SituationRoom

A Battlestar Situation Room.

The Situation Room is a tactical planning and strike operations center, located close to a battlestar's CIC.

The Situation Room has two functions:

  • Monitoring and controlling large-scale operations which cannot be fully monitored or controlled from the CIC without interfering with shipboard operations
  • Providing a dedicated planning and briefing center for the development of and execution of special operations under the control of a battlestar.

A Battlestar's Situation Room.

The Situation Room comprises a large electronic map table that can be configured for a variety of uses, supported by a number of information-relay consoles (e.g. monitoring communications). The walls of the Situation Room can be used to project images to assist in the planning of strike or other missions. Blackboards are available to create pilot rosters for missions.

Around a dozen personnel staff the Situation Room during an operation, in addition to any command staff that may be in attendance.

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