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The shipyards over Scorpia.

The Scorpion Fleet Shipyards were Fleet dockyards located in orbit around Scorpia.

At the time of the Cylon attack, Battlestar Pegasus, at least three more battlestars, and three other Colonial Fleet ships are docked there. A Cylon nuclear attack destroys the yards.

Docked vessels at the time of Attack[]

  • At least one Colonial-class battlestar. Two Valkyrie-class battlestars.
  • TA Bezerk class escort vessel ((OOC:A design by artist Charles Oines. It is unknown if it is designated as a battlestar by the Colonial Fleet. An Escortstar would be a more likely title for the ship.))
  • Battlestar Pegasus.


  • Although the planet is called Scorpia, the shipyard's name as "Scorpion Fleet Shipyards". IThe installation is named with an adjectival form of the colony's ancient name, "Scorpio".

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