Sagittaron's Flag

Ancient Name: Sagittarius


Sagittaron endured centuries of exploitation at the hands of the other Colonies, leading to the colony becoming one of the poorest.

This continued even during unified Colonial rule, so that eventually Tom Zarek of the S.F.M. led an organized series of terrorist acts against the established government there, many years before the fall of the Colonies. One of these acts include blowing up a government building. Under Sagittaron penal law, convicted felons lose their citizenship, but have it automatically reinstated after they finish serving their sentences. This included the right to vote and to stand for election.


The Sagittarons practice a form of the Colonial religion that can trace its roots for at least 1,000 years. Like the Gemenese, they developed a staunch religious stance but with possibly a greater emphasis on traditional folk practice than scripture. They view medicine as "an abomination, a sin against the gods." This stubbornness has led to a bitter dislike by the other Colonies. During the Second Exodus, the bitterness is reinforced by the fact that many Sagittarons on New Caprica did not help to fight the Cylons, suggesting that the Sagittarons are also pacifists by nature.

They are strong adherents of herbal medicine and reject much of modern medicine, which has lead to derogatory terms such as "stubborn rootsucking jackasses".

Given the long history of exploitation and persecution of Sagittaron, their rejection of modern medicine and distrust of the military may have a common source.



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