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Rear Admiral.png
Rear Admiral
Affiliation: Colonial Fleet
Higher Rank: Vice Admiral
Lower Rank: Commander
Command: - Battlestars

- Stations
- Shipyards
- Task Forces
- Other

Known: - Vorn Krace

- Caden Blake

Rear Admiral is the first flag officer rank, above Commander and below Vice Admiral. They may command task forces, major starbases, shipyards, bases on major worlds, or other similar duties. In circumstances where a Rear Admiral is not commanding a station, shipyard or base, they will always be in command of a Battlestar, unless in unusual circumstances.

Rear Admirals have the same collar insignia as all other admirals, and are so denoted by the red, brown and white piping on their uniforms.

Colonial Fleet Officer Ranks
Officer Cadet Ensign Lieutenant JG Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Commander Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral
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