Omega Group Ships

Battlestar Megaera

There are those that believe in 'free will' and there are others who believe in 'destiny'.

Our people forged the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, pushing back the darkness to build a future, a safe haven amongst the tractless gulfs of space. In our arrogance, we created the machines to serve us, but they tired of their chains and turned on their masters. In one night of blood and fire, the Cylons murdered millions and swore their undying hatred for humanity. The Twelve Colonies were united against them, and together they forced an Armistice and exiled the Cylons to the stars.

The Colonies thrived in peace and prosperity and the horrors of war became a distant memory. Beyond the Armistice Line, an old hatred stirred once more. A plan, forty years in the making was being put into action. Humanity's children were coming home.

At the edge of colonial space, a single Battlestar carries out its mission, unaware of the danger that will soon engulf them.

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