Vorn Krace

Vorn Krace

Born in the year 21288 on the colony of Tauron, Vorn pre-dates both the Cylons and the Articles of Colonisation, the latter of which came into existence when Vorn was seven.

All of Vorn's life he wanted to be a pilot, and frequently went to the nearby ship docks to watch ships arriving and leaving. Opportunities for this after the breakout of the Cylon War almost ceased to exist, as the majority of the ships arriving and departing were military ones and civilians were not permitted to stand and watch them in operation, for security reasons the young Vorn did not realise.

In the years following, Vorn spent a lot of time trying to simply pass it. He studied as many manuals as he could find on piloting ships, and as soon as he reached the age of thirteen, enrolled as a part-time Pilot Cadet, to go alongside his schooling. In school itself, which he had attended from the age of four, Vorn proved to be a very smart young man, often treated with jealousy by some of the other students. [Read more...]

– from Omega Group's Featured Articles
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