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David Rothenbury

David Rothenbury

Born to a family of five - six including him - David was the youngest child of the Rothenbury family, and so was often allowed to do things that his older siblings had not been allowed to by their parents at a similar age. This infuriated his brother and sisters a lot of the time, but they couldn't bring themselves to take it out on David - he was much too loveable as a young boy, and even at a young age could make any of his elder siblings laugh when they were feeling upset. He sometimes played on his natural sense of humour, tough - using it to get attention when other relatives or friends of the family visited. This also had a knock-on effect of David always getting lots of presents at his Birthday, and it was through these presents that David developed a love for construction. He used to create models from basic building blocks, and then knock them down again only to create something new. He later went onto more complex models, which had to be glued and painted, and could not be knocked down later. This was a hobby of his which stuck throughout the entirety of his life, and was to lead the way to his dream career.

After school, David enrolled immediately for the Colonial Military Academy as a trainee Engineer. Coming very high in the class in all examinations, David simply stormed the competition when it came to the practical tasks, building anything required of him and having an excellent eye for detail.[Read more...]

– from Omega Group's Featured Articles

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