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Criteria for a Featured Article Edit

A featured article should have the following attributes:

  • The criteria for a featured article are still being worked on
  • Needless to say, it needs to be a good article :)

The following do not qualify as Featured Article candidates:

  • Stubs
  • Talk pages
  • Anything in the Omega Group Wiki, Template, or User namespaces or similar.
  • Past, Current, or Future Featured articles that have been marked.

The featured articles should be decided before the 7th day of the next month, which on the 7th day the featured articles should be added. There should be two new featured articles in total each month unless otherwise decided by one of the Administrators.

Identifying a Potential Featured Article Edit

Featured Articles should be identified as such, so that a master list can be created. If you think an article should be a featured article on the front page, submit it first as {{featured article candidate}} .

Essentially, this would be done in the following way:

  1. A contributor tags an article page with {{featured article candidate}}

, then adds a note to the candidate discussion page under a heading with the article's name.

  1. Involved members of the community will then discuss the candidate article. Typically, they should be as constructively critical as possible.
  2. If the consensus is that the article is potentially of "feature" quality, then the discussion will evolve into modifying the article in such a way as to polish the article so as to achieve full "Featured Article" status.
  3. Once this is done, the article will be tagged {{featured article}}

, and placed on the Portal pages. To do that, the article will need to be placed into the portal's featured sub-section in-between <option>tags like these and above the </choose>tag near the bottom.

  1. Previous featured article candidates will be marked with {{featured article candidate previous}}

, to indicate that they were previously nominated.

List of Current Articles Edit

See: Category:Featured articles

List of Featured Article Candidates Edit

See: Category:Featured Article Candidates

Also read the discussion pages for the articles for helping decide on a new featured article.

Nominating a Featured Article for removal Edit

As new featured articles are added, the old ones are simply left in the <choose> code. As such, there may come a time where a contributor believes that an article no longer deserves featured article status. To nominate an article for removal, the same steps but be followed for nominating one to be added, but using the {{featured article removal candidate}} , tag, and placing a note on the removals discussion page under a heading of the article's name. The article and it's {{featured article}} , tag will not be removed until/if it is agreed that it should be removed.

List of Featured Articles Nominated for Removal Edit

See: Category:Featured Articles Nominated for Removal

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