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Welcome to the Office of the Judge Advocate General

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Welcome to the Department of the Judge Advocate General: The principle legal and law enforcement agency within Siren Fleet.

The Judge Advocate General of the Fleet is the senior most legal advisor to the Command Staff and is accountable for all legal actions, both in character and out of character.

Although this may seem very scary, it is important to remember that the sole purpose of the Department of the Judge Advocate General is to provide support for all fleet members, and deal with any problems, complaints or issues in a quick, efficient and impartial manner

In order to ensure that the Judge Advocate's General's office is working for the fleet, information will be posted in this section of the site, specifically designed to inform members of past rulings and those players who have been banned (we as that you don't recruit these people for obvious reasons).


The Judge Advocate General Corps, is divided into two seperate Departments.

  • The Department of Constitutional Affairs (Responsible for generating, interpreting and advising on all legal aspects within the Fleet)
  • The Department of Fleet Justice (Responsible for carrying out and enforcing policy and law within the Fleet)

For a full description of how JAG works, read the JAG Manual.


Current members of the JAG Corps

  • Fleet Judge Advocate General:
    • Colonel James Moss
  • Department of Constitutional Affairs:
  • Department of Fleet Justice: