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Mercury Class
Category: Battlestar
Expected Duration: 100 Years
Time Between Resupply: 5 Years
Time Between Refit: 25 Years
Officers: 560
Enlisted Personnel: 2100
Marines: 140
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 4200
Cruising Velocity: .72c Sublight
Maximum Velocity: .9c Sublight (for 12 hours)
Jump Capacity: Yes - FTL
Length: 2628 Metres
Width: 975 Metres
Height: 305 Metres
Decks: 60

The Mercury-class is a class of Battlestar in service in the Colonial Fleet.


Auxiliary Craft[]

Flight Bays: 4


Viper Mark VII - 116


Raptor Mark I - 20


Defensive Systems[]

Class A Reactive Hull Armour Plating
Command Navigation Program
Decoy Drones
ECM Systems

Kinetic Batteries[]

Heavy Batteries - 40
Light Twin-Turrets - 756

Missile Launchers[]

Nuclear Missile Launchers - 12
Tactical Nuclear Missiles - 50
Standard Missile Launchers - 24
Hunter Class Missiles - 5000
Class D Heavy Warhead - 300


These stats are for a fully armed, crewed and operational Battlestar and reflect ideal conditions and supply situations. Field conditions and supply priorities can often leave a Battlestar with fewer crew, equipment and supplies. A Battlestar returning from an extended patrol would, for example, have less supplies and more worn equipment than one freshly deployed. Not all Battlestars have an attached Battlestar Group. Many Battlestars were deployed without the benefit of escorts (especially in the case of clandestine or sensitive operations) but most had escorts of some kind as Battlestars were highly valuable military assets. The escort noted above was considered a normal mix of escort ships but conditions may effect the number of escorts as well. Because of the sheer size of the ship and her relatively small crew, automation plays a large role in her construction. She has hatches that automatically open and close, fast moving elevators which connect vital areas of the ship as well as several areas that run completely automated. All this in an effort to minimize the number of crew needed as well allow crew to move through the ship as swiftly as possible.

Deck Listing[]