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Latest News

Into the Belt

Reports have come in that the Battlestar Athena, under the command of Commander Vorn Krace, former teacher at the Colonial Fleet's War College, has been sent on patrol in the Origin Asteroid Belt....

The Origin Asteroid Belt was, in past years, mined for tylium, the valuable fuel that powers all our ships. Since the costs of the mining operation in the belt became too high, forcing Colonial Mining Corporations to pull out, there have been scattered reports of pirates in the area, possibly using the belt as an outpost of some kind. It is unknown if the Athena has come across any pirate operatives in the belt yet, but we have been assured by Fleet Command that any pirates found will be rooted out and face their crimes.

Did You Know

  • ...that collaborative simms such as Play by email has been in existance for over 20 years.
  • ...that Omega Group is the home of 38 characters on 4 active ships?
  • ...that you can add your own "Did you know" here?

Current Omega Group Missions

Battlestar Athena


One year after it's mission into the Origin Asteroid Belt, the Battlestar Athena has encountered some changes. It's commander has been promoted to Rear Admiral, and given command of a Task Force for the Top Secret fleet Omega Group - known only to the Admiral himself. Various crewmembers have left, while others have been promoted to more prestigious titles and positions. All that is about to be torn apart, however as the Cylon Holocaust begins...

Omega Group Ships

Battlestar Athena

The year is 21348, and the Cylons haven't been seen in Colonial Space for almost forty years. But all of that is about to change, as they launch a genocidal holocaust on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. As one Battlestar hears the call to mount a defence she has a hard choice - fruitlessly attempt to protect what is left of the known world, or retreat, and protect the Top Secret military colony planet - Atlantis.

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