Kieran John Fredericks
Biographical Information
Homeworld: Gemenon
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Birth: 21319
Physical Information
Weight: 220lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Political Information
Affiliation: The Twelve Colonies/Colonial Marine Corps
Posting: Battlestar Athena
Position: Marine Commanding Officer
Rank: Marine Captain
Played By: User:Smoss

Kieran is a Colonial Marine Corps officer, most noted for his service as marine commanding officer of the Omega Group ship Battlestar Athena.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Personality & TraitsEdit

General OverviewEdit

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

His strengths are in his men. He would willingly sacrifice his own life to protect them; and in return they would do the same for him. He has a tendency to spoil them when he can.

He has few weaknesses, but one seems to be his innate talent for alienating most members of the female gender.


Before the attack, he wanted to be a General. Now, he just wants to destroy the entire Cylon race.

Hobbies & InterestsEdit

He enjoys practical jokes. He also works out religiously, and is faithful to the Gods, praying to Athena mostly.


Colonial Standard



Kieran Fredericks was born on Gemenon to then Sergeant Dwayne Fredericks of the Colonial Marines. From an early age, he wanted to wear the globe and anchor. He enlisted in the CMC when he was seventeen. During Boot Camp his leadership abilities were apparent, and his company commander recommended him for OCS. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of Infantry and was posted aboard the Battlestar Orion. After his tour here, he was promoted to First Lieutenant and sent to SpecOps, where he attended the Pathfinder School, Scout Sniper Training, and other special operations oriented schools. Upon completion of this training, which lasted a year, he was sent to the Battlestar Pegasus, where he led Admiral Cain's marines for three years. After this he was promoted to Captain, and was posted to Fleet Command on Caprica as a company commander with the base's security detachment. But he didn't like duty on the ground; he wanted steel decks beneath his feet. So he asked for a transfer, and was posted aboard the Battlestar Athena as Marine Detachment CO.

Service RecordEdit

Year One: Enlisted, Colonial Marines. Selected for OCS upon completion of Basic Combat Training. Attended OCS. Graduated, commissioned as Second Lieutenant.

Year Two: Posted aboard Battlestar Orion

Year Three: Promoted First Lieutenant. Sent to Special Operations Command, Picon.

Year Five: Transferred to Battlestar Pegasus as Strike Team CO.

Year Seven. Promoted Captain. Transferred, Fleet Command, Caprica.

Year Nine: Transferred to Battlestar Athena as Detachment CO.

Military Education Basic Combat Training Officer Candidate School Scout Sniper Training Pathfinder School Basic Raptor Pilot Training Emergency Command Course Combat Medical Training Advanced Hostile Environment Training High Altitude Combat Training Zero G Combat Training Shipboard Combat Training. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training

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