Document must be sent to primary listed email for the Defendant. This should be taken from the registered email address on the Primary Sim or Omega Group Forums. May only be sent by current listed member of Department of Fleet Justice, or Fleet JAG CO.


  • Subject: Case XXX - Judicial Action
  • To: Rank, Defendant Name
  • From: Rank, JAG Officer Name
  • Copies to: JAG CO, TF XXX CO, TF XXX XO

Dear Defendant Rank and Name,

I am writing to inform you that you have been found by the Department of Constitutional Affairs of the Omega Group Judge Advocate General Corps to have committed the following violation(s):

- x'Number' Count(s) of: Violation type

As confirmed by; Rank, JAG Officer Name, Department of Constitutional Affairs

An explanation of this violation(s):

- Explanation of what violation(s) and any corresponding Fleet Law/Instruction/Policy/Process

As the appointed Judge Advocate General Officer for this case, after consultation with the Omega Group Uniformed Code of Military Justice and the Department of Constitutional Affairs the following Judicial Action has been issued.

- Description of Judicial/Remedial/Corrective Action, including any dates of effect and constraints

You are required to adhere to these actions, with immediate effect.

To appeal this decision, please refer to and a copy of the appeals process will be sent in reply.


Rank, JAG Officer, Department of Fleet Justice
For and on behalf of Omega Groups, Judge Advocate General Corps.

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