Hunt Class
Category: Patrolstar
Expected Duration: 50 Years
Time Between Resupply: 2 Years
Time Between Refit: 15 Years
Officers: 200
Enlisted Personnel: 600
Marines: 40
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 2500
Cruising Velocity: .8c Sublight
Maximum Velocity: .95c Sublight
Jump Capacity: Yes - FTL
Length: 850 Metres
Width: 260 Metres
Height: 85 Metres
Decks: 17

The Hunt-class is a class of Patrolstar in service in the Colonial Fleet.


The Patrolstar's primary role is long range patrol and recon. With a delicate balance of speed and firepower, she is the ultimate lone predator. Capable of defeating any enemy her own size and smaller(and maybe a little bigger) and fast enough to outrun anything too big for her, she is the primary patrol and recon vessel of the Colonial Fleet. Though this ship doesn't often serve in a Battlestar Group, she is entirely capable of doing so with good weapons, armour and speed. However, extended pitched battles is not what she was built for.

Auxiliary CraftEdit

Flight Bays: 1


Raptor Mark I - 3


Defensive SystemsEdit

Class C Reactive Hull Armour Plating
Command Navigation Program
Decoy Drones
ECM Systems

Kinetic BatteriesEdit

Heavy Batteries - 15
Light Twin-Turrets - 105

Missile LaunchersEdit

Nuclear Missile Launchers - 1
Tactical Nuclear Missiles - 2
Standard Missile Launchers - 2
Hunter Class Missiles - 1000
Class D Heavy Warhead - 30


Deck ListingEdit

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