Desma Pisto
Category: Transport Ship
Time Between Resupply: 1 Years
Time Between Refit: 6 Years
Enlisted Personnel: 46
Passengers: 250
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 400
Cruising Velocity: .67c Sublight
Maximum Velocity: .9c Sublight (for 7 hours)
Jump Capacity: Yes - FTL
Length: 355 Metres
Width: 45 Metres
Height: 30 Metres
Decks: 8

The Desma Pisto is a converted civilian transport vessel upgraded for illegal smuggling and salvage. It escaped the Cylon holocaust and found sanctuary within the Ingazi Patch where it met up with the Battlestar Megaera

Auxiliary CraftEdit

Flight Bays: 1


Defensive SystemsEdit

  • DRADIS Jamming Equipment
  • Missile Jamming Equipment

Known CrewEdit

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