There are three types of Cylon models the Centurions, spacecraft and Human Clones.


Originally the only kind of Cylon, they were the ones that first rebelled against the Humans and begun the First Cylon War. They were designed by the humans to appear Humanoid and be their servants, or slaves from the rebellious Cylon perspective. They are made of metal resembling chrome in appearance and have a distinctive red eye that moves from left to right along a thin lens. This metallic chrome appearance was what initially earned them the nickname of ‘Toasters’.

The Centurion models have evolved over the years becoming sleeker, more agile and with inbuilt weapons. The Modern Cylons also have two different armour configurations, the majority have lighter armour that can be pieced by standard Bullet whereas others have been made with tougher armour and can’t as easily be damaged without the use of explosives.

Although Cylons were once sentient and highly intelligent the models now serve the Human Clone models much like they did the Humans.


Cylon Spacecraft or Raiders as they are more commonly called are now completely different from the ones seen in the Cylon War. These are not piloted by the Centurion models but are in fact models in their own right and are also in part biological as well as machine. Raider’s are sentient and fully autonomous capable of independent thought making them just as capable as any human pilot.

Human Clone ModelsEdit

The result of genetic experiments dating back to Late in the Cylon war, these are the leader caste of the Cylons. These models appear human in almost everyway right down to their DNA but they are a lot stronger, much more resilient and in some way still artificial.

In preparation for their attack on the Human Colonies many of these Clone models infiltrated the human society at many different levels including its military and organised crime.

Megaera’s Clone ModelsEdit

So far three Clone Models have been revealed on Battlestar Megaera but the Humans have discovered only one.

Athena’s Clone ModelsEdit

No models have been revealed.

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