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Developed by computer scientist Gaius Baltar, the Command Navigation Program (CNP) is a operating system utilized by the Colonial Fleet and some civilian spaceships in the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

Installed in the central computers of Vipers and Raptors and in the navigation computers of almost all battlestars, the CNP was more than two years in the making.


The CNP managed the avionics of Viper Mark VIIs and almost all battlestars before the few fighters that survived were retrofitted after the attack.

A Cylon infiltrator programmed backdoors into the CNP so that the Cylon attack forces could render any ships that use the operating system to shut itself down by a remote command.

Battlestars and fighters begin to shut down during the Colonial defensive "as if a switch were flipped."


  • The CNP is not a virus, nor is it a worm or Trojan Horse, but an example of backdoor exploitation of a secured computer system through a secreted password or other hidden access in order to gain command privileges.
  • The backdoor tactic differs from the Cylons' older infiltration tactics used in the first Cylon War of using their computers to seek exploits within and forcibly enter ("crack") a Colonial computer, whereby the attacked computer is infected with a virus that causes havoc on the Colonial computer.