Colonial Class
Category: Battlestar
Expected Duration: 50 Years
Time Between Resupply: 5 Years
Time Between Refit: 25 Years
Officers: 1200
Enlisted Personnel: 3500
Marines: 140
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 8000
Cruising Velocity: .8c Sublight
Maximum Velocity: .9c Sublight (for 12 hours)
Jump Capacity: Yes - FTL
Length: 1414 Metres
Width: 555 Metres
Height: 177 Metres
Decks: Unknown

The Colonial-class is a class of Battlestar in service in the Colonial Fleet.


The old Colonial class was the Battlestar that fought the Cylons to a truce in the first Cylon War. Old, with non-networked computer systems and massive crews to man the stations manually, these ships were all but decommissioned as the Mercury-class took its place as the primary fighting vessel of the Fleet. Despite its age, this ship is fully capable of holding its own against two Cylon Basestars and defeating one in a one-on-one confrontation.

Auxiliary CraftEdit

Flight Bays: 2


Viper Mark II - 48
Viper Mark VII - 34


Raptor Mark I - 12


Defensive SystemsEdit

Class B Reactive Hull Armour Plating
Decoy Drones
ECM Systems

Kinetic BatteriesEdit

Heavy Batteries - 24
Light Twin-Turrets - 506

Missile LaunchersEdit

Nuclear Missile Launchers - 6
Tactical Nuclear Missiles - 35
Standard Missile Launchers - 10
Hunter Class Missiles - 250
Class D Heavy Warhead - 3000


Deck ListingEdit

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