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Sergeant Cooper (NPC) stands watch in a Athena CIC

The Colonial Marine Corps is a branch of the Colonial Forces tasked with ground combat operations and ship-board security.

A Marine's duties include guarding the CIC and the brig as well as other critical areas on the ship, and assisting the Master-At-Arms and are part of Raptor boarding parties. Naturally, they are also responsible for repelling enemy boarding actions. The Commanding Officer's quarters are constantly under marine guard, and the same is true for high-ranking Government officials when aboard ship. A Marine is also tasked with serving the commander's food.

Marines are evidently untrained in crowd control. In these situations Marines react with little discipline to enraged crowds.

Colonial Marines are also called "jarheads". Like the Colonial Fleet, the Corps has a reserve component.

Rank Structure[]

See Category:Ranks for details.

Known Marines[]


Rank Name Stationed on
Captain Kieran Fredericks Battlestar Athena
Captain Devron Caber Battlestar Megaera
First Lieutenant Serena Lane Battlestar Athena
First Lieutenant Kieran Hunter Battlestar Megaera
Second Lieutenant Anya Markon Battlestar Athena
Second Lieutenant Ewan Vakaras Battlestar Athena
Sergeant Major Alexander Rhodes Battlestar Megaera
Master Sergeant Stefen Moss Battlestar Megaera
Master Sergeant Simon Reese Battlestar Athena
Gunnery Sergeant Marissa Verens Battlestar Athena
Staff Sergeant Evan Koranik Battlestar Athena
Sergeant Stephan Crain Battlestar Megaera
Corporal Schuyler Rathbone Battlestar Megaera
Corporal Kiber White Battlestar Megaera


Rank Name Stationed on

Status Unknown[]

Rank Name Last Seen