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Caprica's Flag

Ancient Name: Capricorn

Caprica is a large blue-green planet. Caprica was the Twelve Colonies' seat of politics, culture, art, science, and learning.

The planet was devastated by a massive nuclear attack and the sky has turned orange due to the onset of a nuclear winter. While a lot of people died from the radiation, some survived with the use of anti-radiation medication. However, the plant life is presumably dying, making long-term human survival on the planet doubtful. The few surviving larger cities were taken over the Cylons who used the planet as a base of operations for a time.


Caprica City, before the Cylon attack.

The planet's largest population center was Caprica City, which served as the seat of all three branches of the Colonial Government and the capital of the Twelve Colonies. The city is completely destroyed in the Cylon attack on the Colonies. Caprica City is surrounded by other small towns and hamlets, such as Oasis. Another major city is Delphi, famous for the Delphi Museum of the Colonies and also home to a large spaceport. The Cylons spared Delphi from nuclear bombardment in order to use it as a base of operations in their occupation of the planet.


  • Caprica is known for its fine Caprican cloth, fumarella leaf, Caprican cigars and art.


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  • Caprica City
  • Caprica Beach
  • Caprica Transfer Station
  • Gup's Point
  • Martok Valley
  • Oasis
  • Pilgrim Bay
  • Qualai