Ship alerts on Colonial warships are known as action stations and are given to prepare the crews for battle. The alerts are typically by voice as well as by a klaxon in the following format:
"Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill."

The five states of readiness are:

Condition One: Attack is present, or imminent. This alert places the ship at its highest state of readiness. All crews go to their combat posts. Bulkhead doors are closed in case of decompression. Additional Viper pilots are scrambled to supplement the Combat Air Patrol and flight support crews man their stations. The CIC is locked down and the ship's commander is on station.
Condition Two: Threat probable, but not present. Crew readiness is somewhat more relaxed than full readiness. This is usually ordered directly after the end of a Condition One alert or when entering a possible hostile situation.
Condition Three: This is the "all clear" alert, returning crews to their normal, day-to-day non-combat duties after Conditions One or Two. This is normal cruising during wartime. Weapons are partially manned, but the ship is at less than full readiness.
Condition Four: Normal Cruising during peace time. Weapons have a skeleton crew and are powered down. Ship is not expecting any attacks.
Condition Five: Docking/shore leave during peacetime. Weapons are not manned and ship is only crewed with a skeleton crew.
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